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PUBG Mobile Lite was released in India in the month of August of 2019. Within the span of one year, PUBG Mobile Lite became rather popular. In line with PUBG Mobile’s commitment to create and nurture talent and skill within the esports ecosystem as well as pinning down a permanent place for Indian gamers on the world map, it launched a new tournament exclusive for PUBG Mobile Lite users. Also Read –

How to play: Formats and Rounds

The PUBG Mobile Lite Championship 2020 will kick off with registrations starting on August 24 on PUBG Mobile Lite’s official website. This will be followed by Online Qualifiers, which will take place over a period of five days, where in each registered Team has to play ten Classic mode matches, of which the best 8 matches will be considered. If there is a case of a tie, other parameters including kills, survival time and accuracy, among others, will be considered and the top 44 Teams will qualify for the next round. If a Team fails to complete eight matches, their score will be adjusted in a manner to be determined by PMLC Officials.

Soon after we will enter the second phase of the tournament which is the Online Playoffs. Out of the top 44 Teams which have qualified, 16 additional teams will be invited, that is a total of 60 teams will be divided into 4 groups. The Teams in each group will be playing five matches each, and on the basis of highest cumulative score, 3 teams will move on to finals of the PUBG Mobile Lite Championship 2020.

The last phase of the tournament will be the Grand Finals, where in the top 12 Teams from Online Playoffs & the other 3 teams based on maximum number of kills will participate, which means a total of 15 teams will play 10 matches over two days. The Team with the highest cumulative score will be announced as the winner of the PUBG Mobile Lite Championship 2020.

How the Points will be distributed:

As always, the point distribution will be two-fold, most kills and placements points, Each kill will hold 1 point and each placement will have its own score value as shown in the table below.

Scoring System
1 Kill = 1 Point
End Game Placement Points
Placement Points Placement Points Placement Points Placement Points
1 15 5 6 9 1 13 0
2 12 4 4 10 1 14 0
3 10 7 2 11 1 15 0
4 8 8 1 12 1 16 0

How the Prize Pool will be distributed:

PUBG Mobile Lite Championship 2020 offers players a chance to win a prize pool of Rs 5,00,000.

Prize Pool
Rank INR Rank INR
People’s Choice Award
1 2,00,000 5 30,000
2 1,00,000 6 20,000
3 60,000 7 15,000
4 40,000 8 10,000

The PUBG Mobile Lite Championship puts all players on a level playing field, and allows them to showcase their talent on a national scale. As long as the basic credentials are fulfilled, teams can participate, and the prize promises a chance to walk away with Rs 2,00,000 for the team ranking first, Rs 1,00,000 for second and Rs 60,000 for the team in third place.